Active Life Village Offers Active Aging Solutions

The care taking market changes as the number of elderly people is growing and the cost of care taking in the traditional (human intensive) way is going up. This provides room for new innovation by using smart aging technology.

Active Life Village Ltd. is a privately owned company that offers wellbeing solutions for people living at home or in care homes. Our solutions can help people with dementia, sleeping disorders, poor mobility and other aging related health issues.

Together with our innovative partner network, Active Life Village Ltd. is helping elderly people stay at home longer and live safely and comfortably.  Active Life Village Ltd. functions as a catalyst for welfare service innovation and collaborates with users, service and technology companies, communities and third sector organizations.

Active Life Village Ltd. was founded in 2008 by the City of Espoo, Aalto University and Laurea University of Applied Sciences.  It became a privately owned company in 2012 and has offices at Urban Mill in Espoo, Finland and at Aalto-Tongji Design Factory in Shanghai, China.