Finnish home 'smarts'- co-development for tackling smart home challenges

In a few years, we may live in homes with adjusting ‘applications’ for lighting, watching TV, home safety and personal wellbeing. For example, a smart TV, which displays your favourite TV show as you walk through the door; a remote control on a tablet PC for adjusting home safety or storing wellbeing data from your fitness band and creating an automated shopping list based on your blood pressure, pulse and other health indicators.

In Finnish homes, the use of internet services is still at a very rudimentary level. Especially elderly people might only use online banking, but not much else. Companies, who manufacture home devices or provide services, often sell and market ‘silo’ solutions, which integrate poorly with other home devices. There are multiple examples: consumers have trouble finding relevant services, once installed, the same service might work differently in your phone vs TV or PC, configuring or maintaining the services often requires IT specialist skills etc.

A Finnish development project “Home as a Service Platform” aims to improve the way how home related services are integrated together. Participants in this co-development project are Ministry of Transport and Communications, DIGILE, Espoo and Pyhtää municipalities, University of Eastern Finland and a host of private companies.

At Jyväskylä Housing Fair, the group are demonstrating first results from this collaborative effort. The demonstrations are focused on home safety and wellbeing services for the elderly. The aim is to help people live longer in their homes with ‘home smarts’. The project also has a more ambitious target of creating best practices for home and wellbeing service integration by adopting international standards.

Demonstrations are shown at the Jyväskylä Housing Fair in the ‘Sisustus ja Rakennus’ expo building. The Finnish ‘home smarts developers’ welcome you to their expo booth and welcome your feedback and ideas on further development.

Welcome to visit!


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