Sino-Finnish success at CISSE 2014 - next up: Jyväskylä

CISSE 2014 is now happily over. Active Life Village Ltd working together with Digile, who is the coordinator of China - Finland ICT Alliance and Finnish had presence at CISSE 2014. Altogether 400+ customers visited the Expo booth. The Finnish business delegation lead by Jaakko Rissanen, CEO of Orion Diagnostica and Minister Risikko’s official delegation with Vice President of China Association of Social Welfare Xiaoli Feng also visited the booth and spent a good deal of time there.

Hot topics: availability and pricing

The main target for participation was to raise awareness of Finland, Finnish companies and their solutions in the field of care, and we feel this goal was reached.  Chinese visitors were asking about product availability and pricing – how and where to buy in China. More than 400 brochure packs were handed out during the expo on May 4-6, 2014.

Not only equipment – how about some sea cucumbers?

As a general observation about the expo, the following business fields stood out: 1) Real estate developers 2) Care home providers 3) Care /Medical equipment and 4) Other wellbeing products (food, home devices and such). Each category occupied roughly the same amount of space in the expo hall. Among the more interesting wellbeing products offered were tea, sea cucumbers, food blenders and lifeboats.

Finland among the few

There weren’t many international companies or countries present so Finland was among the few who were there. Australia, USA and Finland seemed to be the only international exhibitors present. According to Juha Lipiäinen, “The best takeaway from CISSE was to get a complete view of the elderly industry in China and how China approaches it ‘end to end’ from building construction to health foods and everything in between. Chinese have a good grasp of the elderly person’s needs and how to meet those. Combined with advanced Finnish wellbeing technology, this could be a winning combination. And once again thanks for all companies, Finnish and Chinese, joining the event.”

Watch the Beijing TV coverage with Dr. Liu Jianbing featuring the Finnish products: Addoz and Beddit.



The Housing Fair is not only the largest housing and living event in Finland, it is also a significant idea bank and marketplace both in the real world and on the internet. Every year, for four weeks in July-August, various living solutions and residential areas are showcased at the Housing Fair. The needs of different demographical groups are taken into consideration at the planning stage and a wide range of building, renovation, interior design and landscaping solutions are presented every time. Active Life Village is co-ordinating a joint demonstration of new services at home sponsored by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Elderly living and home as a service ‘platform’ are key themes, which bring together multiple Finnish companies to showcase their products and services. More information: