Combining Human Care with Smart Aging Technology

Active Life Village solution addresses three key areas of aging:  loneliness, unsecurity and the need for support.
One stop shop

Our solution is easy for our customer to implement and maintain since Active Life Village has integrated technology and equipment from multiple vendors into a working solution.  You can rely on our one-stop-shop service, which means simpler supply chain and logistics as well as easier maintenance.

Innovative care services with improved efficiency

Service design and solution planning
- using customer research and insight, we will plan your smart solution with a cost estimate

Technology integration
- combining the best devices and software  to work seamlessly within your organization

- flexible and easy logistics through our one stop shop

Training services
- training your staff to use the solutions and providing care home training on multiple competence levels

Maintenance and support
- depending on your requirements, we offer maintenance and support for your solution

Products and services

  •     My Life Plan – a comprehensive plan for senior life
  •     AHR – Activity Health Record for automating data collection and storage
  •     Medication dispensers
  •     Sleep monitoring devices
  •     Simple video calling tablet device
  •     Security and alarm bracelets
  •     Activity monitoring devices
  •     Online life story collection
  •     Indoor positioning
  •     Electronic locking systems
  •     Mobile workflow management for Care
  •     Fire, smoke and movement detection
  •     Programmable home lighting
  •     Meal dispensers
  •     Safety floor