Finnish home 'smarts'- co-development for tackling smart home challenges


In a few years, we may live in homes with adjusting ‘applications’ for lighting, watching TV, home safety and personal wellbeing. For example, a smart TV, which displays your favourite TV show as you walk through the door; a remote control on a tablet PC for adjusting home safety or storing wellbeing data from your fitness band and creating an automated shopping list based on your blood pressure, pulse and other health indicators.

Sino-Finnish success at CISSE 2014 - next up: Jyväskylä


CISSE 2014 is now happily over. Active Life Village Ltd working together with Digile, who is the coordinator of China - Finland ICT Alliance and Finnish had presence at CISSE 2014. Altogether 400+ customers visited the Expo booth. The Finnish business delegation lead by Jaakko Rissanen, CEO of Orion Diagnostica and Minister Risikko’s official delegation with Vice President of China Association of Social Welfare Xiaoli Feng also visited the booth and spent a good deal of time there.

Active Life Village and partners at CISSE 2014 expo in Beijing


The Third China International Senior Services Expo (CISSE 2014) will be held from May 4 to 6, 2014 at China National Convention Center in Beijing.  Active Life Village and a number of international partners are exhibiting wellbeing solutions for active aging and senior care.  Key themes are centered on service design for the elderly; services, products and technology and training.